Bull horns:

They are very big horns with large mouth at the openings. There are some whose diameters are about 23cm. They are well treated, washed with clean water and dried. They could be supplied in pairs or single according to customer's desire and demand.

Dry cattle horns:

These are of various sizes.

a) Dry cattle horns: 10" - 16"

These horns are kept dried, well washed, well treated and the open mouth are trimmed and smooth. There are no worm-eaten parts, no treatment with diesel or any harmful substance or chemicals applied on the horns. The length of each of the horns are between 10 inches and 16 inches. The horns can be of any colour, or colours, and the colours can be arranged in any shape on the horns.

b) we can also supply other sizes of dry cattle horns, range from 17" - 24"; 26" - 30"; 32" - 37" and very long ones of about 39" and above. All the description, conditions, treatment and handling are the same as given in a) above, but the prices are differs which are quoted per kilo or per pair.


For customers who are interested or wish to see the nature of the goods or know more about prices and delivery infortmation can please contact the representative in Germany either by telephone

+49 - 172 - 2486582

or by email



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